Nov 06 2015

Seaview Boatyard Expansion

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Seaview Boatyard Proposed Expansion

Seaview has put in a request to the Port of Seattle to expand their boatyard towards the water. This will allow larger commercial vessels in the boatyard for maintenance and will remove 1 row of parking in front of A/B/C docks (about 20 vehicles) that will be forced to park further north in D/E area.

Proposed Seaview Expansion Map

The Seaview Expansion must go before the Port Commission, which has been scheduled for the Tuesday, November 10th Commission Meeting at Pier 69.


This is a link for the Port’s website for meeting updates, agendas and additional information. Materials related to agenda items are included as links in the agenda;
Commission Meeting Location information:

Public sessions of Port Commission regular meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. on the first, second, and fourth Tuesday of each month. Commission meetings held the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of every month are convened at: Pier 69, 2711 Alaskan Way between Clay and Vine streets in the Commission Chambers.

Commission meetings held the 4th Tuesday of every month are convened at: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the Conference Center, Mezzanine level, Amsterdam and London rooms. For further information or questions, please contact Kathy Goodman, Shilshole Marina Office.

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