Sep 29 2016

Shilshole Community Meeting 9-28-16 Notes…

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Last night’s meeting was held at the CYC clubhouse with nearly 100 marina tenants-thanks to all who attended!  Also there was the marina office staff, along with Lindsay Pulsifer, Director of Port of Seattle Maritime Div., and Mark Longridge, Seaport Project Manager.  Illustrations of the restrooms’ design were displayed (and will be available on the Port of Seattle website). The purpose of the meeting was to update the tenants on the status of the Shilshole restroom/laundry buildings, paid parking for non-permit areas, and a potential new, on-site restaurant.

Restaurant: A request for proposal (RFP) was sent out and Dukes Chowder House was selected to be the restaurant that will be located where the current lawn and garden are now.  Their lease needs to go before the Port Commission meeting in Dec for approval.  No estimate yet as to buildout time/completion.

Restrooms/Laundry-Mark Longridge: the original plan presented to the tenants last year has been updated to include a 2nd story on 2 of the 3 new buildings. Key FOB strikes determined the usage and planning. Further details of the design will be available in early 2017. The 2nd story will be leased to marine oriented businesses.  The buildings will be approximately 3000 sq. feet (the current restrooms are 650-750 sq. feet.).

The buildings will include: restrooms/showers with slightly more fixtures than currently, men’s and women’s sides, individual key FOB entrances; laundry-doubling the number of units and will be both quarters and smartphone paid. There will be stacked washers and dryers with a folding table, and laundry cart; 2 stairwells and an elevator for the upstairs tenants; solar panels, bike storage, security lights and cameras, and garbage/recycle nearby. Construction will begin in the winter of 2017, to be completed by spring 2018.  The marina staff will be moved to one of the 2nd story spaces and the main marina building office area will be repurposed for retail.  All questions can be submitted to the Project Design team at  Shilshole Outreach

Parking-Tracy:  The Port of Seattle is looking for ways to raise revenue and paid parking is one option. But any changes have been postposed for 12-18 months until the impact of the construction, restaurant and retail space has been reviewed. Repaving will take place at that time.

Tenants will continue to receive 1 free parking pass and there will be a fee for the 2nd pass-that amount will be reviewed in Nov.  Future parking proposals for both revenue and security include possibly closing off the parking lot and have a vendor handle the paid parking.


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