Dec 26 2019

Shilshole Free Pile

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One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Our old boat parts, books, etc may be exactly what your neighbor needs. For those that are on Facebook here at Shilshole, there is an online free swap exchange.  Here is a description from their site…

“The Shilshole Free Pile Group is for members of the Shilshole Marina community who have items they no longer need for but could still be of use to others. For years people have been leaving perfectly usable items for by the dumpsters, in restrooms, and in the laundry room. Items range from high-end electronics to clothing. It seems that the current port policy is to throw these items in the trash when found sitting by the dumpsters or left in the laundry too long. Consider this group a virtual Free Pile area for items you would like to get rid of without adding to a landfill. -this is a closed group for current Tenants of Shilshole Marina -first come, first serve. -suggestions are appreciated. rules may change and evolve through time. Please feel free to invite other Tenants. Cheers”

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