Apr 04 2018

Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. Annual Mtg summary

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Last evening was our annual meeting at CYC,  which was a chance for all liveaboards at Shilshole to meet their representatives.  There were about 65 attendees at the hour long meeting that reviewed the current issues affecting us, as liveaboards here at Shilshole.

Al Hughes reviewed the history of the Assoc. and the most recent liveaboard agreement negotiations with the Port; Brianne discussed the goals and focus of our collective community involvement and Kristen encouraged everyone to participate in the V-man VHF radio check-in on Monday nights and to get involved with our Shilshole Preparesemergency preparedness at Shilshole.

Thank you to all that attended and if you have an interest in getting involved with your Liveaboard Assoc., please contact us. Our contact info is on the board at the top of your dock, at the office or with your dock captain.

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