Mar 18 2020

Shilshole Prepares response update…

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from Kristen Sierra…

Yesterday we rethought the whole web based matchup of volunteers with those who will need help. We think this could be a bad choice for our specific community.
> That system is being used by other Hubs, with success although none of those communities are like this one.
> I am happy to say that we do have a simple and straightforward way to accomplish our plan to help those in need.
> If you are in need of assistance call:
> Kristen Sierra 206-890–5756
> Or
> Teddie Ellrod 253-350-7829
> We will then contact one or more of our Volunteers to lend a helping
> hand.
> The volunteers will then let us know how it went. We will add the person to our daily log of people to contact. Daily calls will be made by either Teddie or I.
> Problems will be handled by our project team.

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