Nov 14 2020

Some helpful reminders…

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  • The Port has a great haz-mat recycling program! Used oil, diesel and hydraulic fluid goes in tank near restroom; used batteries, gasoline, and antifreeze/coolant go to Hazmat Box down near Seaview Boatyard (south end)
  • Garbage goes in the green waste container, all recycling goes in the yellow containers.
  • Please put your donated “junk” (items you no longer need but don’t want to toss) near the dumpster and not at the gate, so more people can see them.
  • Remind your guests and crew to park near the street in Guest Parking. The Port is towing all vehicles that are parked in Permit Parking that don’t have a current year permit.
  • Please control your dogs (by your side or on a leash at all times) and please clean up after them! (the Seattle Leash Law is in effect on the docks, too)
  • To avoid smash and grab car break-ins, do not leave items visible in your car.
  • There have been prowlers on the docks and the waterways so please lock your boat, dinghy, etc and please call the Port’s cell phone, 601-4089, if you see anything/anyone suspicious.

Thank you for making this a great place to live and moor!

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