Apr 16 2016

The season for Varnish is upon me!

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There are few things that I have come to dread as much as the season of Varnish.  We have owned this boat since 1999.  For each of those years I have spent a good deal time caring for the teak decks and the other teak above deck.  When we first purchased Bristol Blue she was covered with Cetol, decks and all other teak above deak.  I stripped all the Cetol off by the 4th year we had the boat.

I have used all the major brands of Varnish commercial available.  Some is thin as water others a thick as molasses, all of them have there own characteristic.  None of them satisfied my desire….which I have to admit is a little crazy, but some of them came closer.  My desire is to get from Varnish season to the next.

My failure is that I do not like Varnishing.  I do like removing it.  I am fast, clean and the end result is a nice looking piece of teak.  I am conflicted.  My husband, Ned really likes Varnish.  I want to make him happy.  I have been trying year after year to accomplish this objective.  Now that I am old, and kneeling is not a friendly activity I want this whole process to take as little time as possible.

He discovered a Varnish used by the French Navy while we were bumming around in Southern California waiting for the hurricane season to pass so that we could go back to Mexico.  The Varnish is called Le Tonkinois.  It is a linseed and tung oil based Varnish. It gives a rich, deep glow to the teak and you do not have to sand between coats.  I am smiling!  Re-coating  after 24 hours.  If you like a hassle free experience it is my suggestion that you give it a try.  Did I mention that you can apply it over existing Varnish with a lite sanding with 220 grit paper!!!! I am smiling again.  If you want to see how it looks drop over to D-dock #60.   Oh I forgot one thing, I will be putting on six coats per side this year.  I am determined to make it through to the next Varnish season.  Ever the optimist.

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