Oct 22 2021

There’s a storm a-brewin…

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As has been forecast for a week and now is all over the news, one of the largest low-pressure storms ever recorded in this area is winding up in the north pacific and is expected to hit the Washington coast Sunday.

Cliff Mass Weather Blog: The Strongest Storm in Northwest History Could Reach Our Coastal Waters On Sunday

Check out Windy: Wind map & weather forecast and slide through the days.  You can also choose various visuals on the right hand tool bar.

It goes without saying, every fall/winter…prepare your boat and check on your neighbors.

  • Secure your halyards away from your mast to prevent slapping in the wind.
  • Remove flags
  • Put out extra dock lines and fenders.
  • Secure tarps, sail covers and roller furling.
  • Securely stow the gear on your boat, steps & items behind your dock box, and bail your dinghy!
  • Make sure your power cord has slack in it and that it is not hanging in the water!
  • Water lines may freeze or be shut off…take appropriate action (top off tanks, disconnect hoses, etc.)
  • Contact the Marina staff right away if you see anything of concern (ie: loose sails, frayed dock lines, continuous bilge pump running and any diesel/oil spills).

Thanks for being a good neighbor…


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