Feb 08 2021

Upcoming Snow/Freeze Event

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We have some cold weather in the forecast and it may or may not contain snow, but it’s the time of year to always be prepared…

  • Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or those with limited mobility and if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask for help-either from your neighbors or the Port staff at 24/7 cell:  206-601-4089
  • Be careful with space heaters-don’t use them with extension cords and turn off your water heater breaker at night so you can have more amps and won’t blow your main breaker
  • Be careful walking the docks-stay in the middle
  • Snow shovels are available to check out at the office
  • Be patient with the pumpout services…if the marina pumps are frozen, they can’t use them either
  • Keep your water tank topped off when your hose defrosts
  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to, but top off your car gas tank in case you get stuck out driving, and have water, snacks, blankets and boots in the car
  • When it warms up and starts to melt, make sure your scuppers are clear to drain

Here is Seattle’s plowing priority map

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