Jan 22 2018

Are you ready?

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Though its been a mild winter, temperature-wise, we have had a series of storms that have brought some steady strong winds, which play havoc on our docklines, fenders, tarps and canvas.  Be sure to check your boat out regularly and secure anything that is loose or chafing.  Check on your neighbor’s boats and call the marina 24/7 with any concerns (206-601-4089).

The 5 hour power outage last Friday was not storm related but caught everyone off guard.  Not a big deal for us boaters that live off 12 volts, but what if it lasts awhile?  Do you have gas for your generator? Do you have a 12 volt plug/charger for your phone, computer, handheld VHF?  Enough food for your family and pets? Are your diesel tanks and water tanks topped off? February is usually our coldest month, so be prepared for freezing temps.

In any marina emergency or situation, tune into VHF channel 71 to hear any updates from the Port or your neighbors.

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