Nov 16 2015

Vessel Mutual Assistance Network (V-Man)

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Vessel Mutual Assistance Network

Use Marine VHF Channel 71 to communicate vessel-to-vessel in times of marina-wide emergency at Shilshole!  Your emergency HUB team has established this channel to facilitate helping each other in times of emergency.  The USCG and Port of Seattle are aware of our use of this channel for this purpose.  Note that VHF Channel 17 is to be used for Vessel-to-Port communications.

We have established a regular 8:00pm Monday evening Vessel Mutual Assistance Net on this channel.  The purpose of this net is to practice our radio communication skills, make sure our radios work, and pass along information of interest to boaters, especially in regard to emergency preparedness at Shilshole.

Please join us on Marine VHF Channel 71 every Monday night at 8pm local time.  No experience is required!  The net control operator will explain what to do and when to do it.  And…get your kids involved so they get used to protocol and the responsibility.

Here are the details:

  1. On Monday nights at 8:00pm local time, turn on your marine VHF radio and select Channel 71.
  2. Wait to hear instructions from the Net Control Operator.
  3. When the Net Control Operator calls for checkins from your dock, key your microphone and speak clearly 1) your slip number; 2) your name; and 3) your vessel’s name.  For example: “This is Slip M-20, Jim, on The Neighborhood”.
  4. After you checkin, continue to monitor Channel 71 to listen for announcements and other relevant information.

Here’s the V-Man script if you want to volunteer as Net Control some Monday eve…

NET CONTROL SCRIPT updated 4-13-18


Thanks in advance for joining us on Monday nights!

Here is how to sign up for text message alerts for emergencies or V-man reminders..

Text messages from VMAN (Vessel Mutual Assistance Network) is moving to, a free, peer-to-peer service.  Peer-to-peer means anyone in the “cell” can send a message to the entire cell, rather than only a Manager.  This would have been helpful during the M Dock fire.

To receive texts through , please follow these steps:

1.     Set up a account, either on your computer or smart phone.  You may need to download the app.  You will need to choose a username and a password, provide your email address, and select a role.

2.     Go to the Search field, type (without the quotes) “@Shilshole-Prepares”, and press Enter.

3.     Click on “Join cell or add friend named”.  You will get a pending join notification.

4.     The Administrator will approve people as the sign-ups are received.

5.     Soon, VMAN will be sending texts to the VMAN group again!

If you have any questions, contact Sam Krause in L-45, or email her at samkrause    @  me dot com.  Sam is not the Administrator for the cell, but will help you set signed up.

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