Nov 09 2015

Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc.

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The Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc. (SLA) is a neighborhood association, that was formed to serve as a conduit for sharing experience, education, and information between people living aboard their recreational boats at Shilshole and their larger community. 

The SLA has a close working relationship with the Marina/Port of Seattle; manages this Shilshole Blog, the Dock Captain Program, Shilshole Prepares, and maintains a permanent seat on the Ballard District Council. 

The SLA also acts as the representative of our liveaboard community on issues that are a concern to the membership like: marina security, the Liveaboard Agreement with the Port, and community participation.  In order to accomplish this, we need to hear from you!  Together we can protect our lifestyle and the use of our recreational boats.

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